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Our Story

We’ve been friends for 10 years or so. Love and passion for good, honest food was what brought us together – and still keeps us together. Eight years ago, we founded Food Studio in central Tallinn. Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of cooking enthusiasts there. And we’re not done – we have many projects planned together and they’re all more or less tied to the culinary arts.

The idea of producing quality broths can’t be traced to a specific date. In the 8 years that Food Studio has been in operation, we heard no small number of patrons complaining about how they’d like to serve their families healthful soup for dinner but just can’t find the time. And that is how the seed was planted in our minds – making the lives of home chefs a little brighter and launching production of restaurant-quality broth. Fuel for the idea came from the fact that while a wide variety of bouillon cubes are available in retail in Estonia, there was no real broth – savoury liquid simmered for hours, honest and wholesome.

The idea ripened, one step led to the next and pretty soon we found ourselves putting together recipes, testing out various flavours and looking for production space. We decided to launch production with four classic broths, which home chefs can use to easily whip up any conceivable soup, sauce or stew. Traditional chicken, fish, beef and vegetable broths spend about 12 hours simmering in our brand-new kitchen.

First we roast the bones and vegetables until they are golden-brown, add a little sea salt and herbs and the long process of simmering begins – just like in fine dining establishments around the world. We use local Estonian ingredients to produce our broths, and naturally, they don’t contain any preservatives.

We believe that good and healthy food is based on a broth simmered with love and devotion for long hours .We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. In the future, our selection of broths won’t be limited to just five products. We’re already hatching new exciting ideas and new developments that you’ll be able to taste before too long.

Indrek and Helgor